Crap Harper Has Pulled (since #exln41)

2011-05-12 Broken campaign promises

After promising to eliminate the deficit in 2014-2015, he now says that he can’t meet that target. Other financial promises in the campaign hinged on meeting the target in that time frame.

2011-05-18 Broken campaign promises

After promising to reduce the size of government, Harper appointed the largest Cabinet. Ever.

2011-05-18 Contempt for democracy, broken campaign promises

After losing their bids for Federal seats, Harper appoints three Conservatives to the Senate. Two of whom have previously held Senate seats, but quit to run in #elxn41. For Fabian Manning of Newfoundland, this was the second time voters have rejected him, and the second time Harper has rewarded that by putting him in the Senate. Also, Harper’s promise for Senate reform seems empty and hollow, given the way he has treated it.

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